Building a Viewbook
with Impact

UI Design

The UA Viewbook is a modern website that provides prospective students with an engaging informative experience. The redesign features intuitive navigation, compelling elements, and rich multimedia content.

Main image of the Viewbook.

Project Plan

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Client: The University of Alabama Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Date: May 2014

Duration: 4 Months

Role: UI Designer, Developer

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver

About the Company
The University of Alabama's Office of Undergraduate Admissions is responsible for recruiting and admitting undergraduate students to the University. In 2014, they commissioned a redesign of their Viewbook, an interactive website that offers essential information, onboarding materials, and engaging videos to potential and incoming undergraduate students. The new design's intuitive and user-friendly layout garnered over 5,500 views per month, making it one of UA's most critical websites in recruitment.

View Archive Site: UA Viewbook (web.archive)


Problem Statement
The University of Alabama is facing a challenge in attracting prospective students due to difficulties in finding relevant information about the University, leading to an increase in the time it takes to complete applications. This issue impacts both the University's reputation and potential revenue, as well as prospective students who may miss out on the opportunity to attend. The University needs a solution to efficiently present relevant information to prospective students and increase enrollment applications.

Viewbook objective.

1. Applications
Refresh the UA Viewbook and increase the UA application rate by 10% in the next 12 months.

Viewbook objective.

2. Information
Present prospective students and parents with relevant, up-to-date information on UA.

Viewbook objective.

3. Recruiters
Provide an interactive guide to match prospective students and recruiters, increasing interaction.

Viewbook objective.

4. Connect
Connect students, parents, and UA personnel through Social Media platforms and other resources.


Setting a timeline was a crucial step in the redesign project. It helped to establish clear goals and deadlines, ensuring that the project was completed efficiently and on time.

the timeline of the Viewbook.


Comparison research for Viewbook.

Comparison Research

I also conducted thorough benchmarking by analyzing the admission sites of comparable universities that were relative in size to The University of Alabama. Through this research, I was able to investigate existing technologies and standard web practices for the redesign.

Online Survey

As part of the redesign process, an online survey was created and sent out to students to gather feedback and suggestions for improvement. The survey results were analyzed and used to inform the final design decisions.

Survey Research of the Viewbook.


After research, I started the defining stage of the redesign project by creating a content map for each page. This helped me to establish a clear understanding of the content needed and the tasks users would want to complete.

Content Map

A content map of what is in the Viewbook.


Using the content map as a guide, I created wireframes that captured the layout and interaction of the Viewbook. I placed extra emphasis on navigation as I wanted it to be intuitive and easy to use. I made sure the Apply button was always visible in the header, and that it stood out to prospective students to encourage them to take action. The wireframes included videos, graphics, and the copy, serving as a foundation for the site's design and development.

Wireframes of the Viewbook.

Design & Development

The final design of the Viewbook incorporated all the research and planning from the initial stages of the project. The site was designed with UA brand guidelines, using the University's primary color scheme and showcasing the iconic Denny Chimes tower. I crafted each page to ensure that the navigation and calls to action were clear and intuitive, making the application process straightforward for prospective students. From the warm and inviting light beige background to the carefully selected web font, every element of the design was intentional and aimed at creating a user-friendly experience. The result was a fully responsive site that performed flawlessly on all platforms and browsers, helping to increase enrollment applications for The University of Alabama.

Main image of the Viewbook with code behind it.
Additional pages of the Viewbook.


Given the increasing trend of students accessing websites through mobile devices, I placed a particular emphasis on making the Viewbook fully responsive. I made sure that the site worked smoothly on all platforms, but especially on mobile, ensuring that potential students could access all the necessary information quickly and easily.

Responsive mobile views of the viewbook.

Outcomes & Results

The Viewbook redesign was met with resounding success, earning accolades from numerous web departments on campus, and even the University President herself. My thoughtful reorganization and striking design led to a boost in website traffic, a decrease in Admissions Office inquiries, and a marked increase in interest in the University. Above all, the Viewbook served as a catalyst in generating more digital applications for admission, making it a triumph for the entire team involved in the project.

“Honestly, this is really one of the best UA sites, if not THE best, I’ve ever seen. It’s gorgeous and highly informative and usable. Very nicely done.”
–  Director of Web Communications

“Just getting a chance to take a look… really nice work. The content is really beautifully done, especially the Quick Facts page with engaging graphics.”
–  President of The University of Alabama

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